There was a time when servery’s, counter fronts and reception desks were not given a second thought. They were simply an extension of the counter top and most likely painted. However, Architects and Interior Designers have continued to push the boundaries of design. Now, many counter fronts are features in their own right.

That Metal Company has supplied beautiful 100% metal sheets for a variety of projects including display suites in multiple residential apartment complexes, the Lexus Marquee at the Melbourne Cup, professional offices, such as lawyers and design firms, the hospitality industry, café’s and restaurants and even a vineyard.

As the largest suppliers of metal finishes in Australia and New Zealand, it’s been a pleasure for us to work with the designers of some very different and exciting projects. We know our metals inside and out so can always discuss the right metal for a project, how it can be used, installation advice, and any limitations. And for counter fronts there are virtually no limitations.

Virtually any of our over 100 metal finishes can be used. Our 100% metal sheets behave like laminates so they are easy to install, require no special cutting tools, and can bend to 90 degrees. Perfect for tight curvatures.

We keep a large range of sheet metals in stock so for whatever the project and whatever the lead time we have many finishes that cover a range of brass, bronze, coppers and the more wow factor finishes, like aged hand finished brass and digitally printed textured aluminium’s.

Lead times can range from 2/3 days with our stock finishes and we can supply single sheet orders and more.

Please ask us how we can help you. You’ll be surprised at what can be achieved for your next architectural, joinery, interior design, or residential project.

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