Johnnie Walker is an iconic brand so it was exciting to supply their interior design company with our #906 Brushed Copper and the #904 Brushed Light Brass.

One of the aspects of supplying beautiful metals to design companies is that we don’t always know what the results will be. So when a prestigious publication like ‘Interior Design Magazine’ singles out a project we feel understandably excited.

Three Sixty Ltd based in Auckland, New Zealand, provides end-to-end creative solutions for promotional design projects. They were contracted to design, manufacture, and install the new Johnnie Walker Whiskey Boutique at Auckland Airport. That Metal Company supplied the metals.

Johnnie Walker

The #906 Brushed Copper is a durable, anodized aluminium with a beautiful coppery appearance. It is a 100% metal product although much less expensive than solid copper. Not only is it easy to handle, cut, and install it can also be curved to 90 degrees. #904 Light Brass is from the 900 series so has the same features as the #906.

For the Johnnie Walker Whiskey Boutique, the metal was cleverly layered with a strip of #906 then a strip of #904 repeated down the walls. This gave the appearance of curvature whereas the wall is, in fact, straight.

Johnnie Walker

Another project that used the #906 Brushed Copper was The Penny Drop in Melbourne. This modern café with an Art Deco aesthetic was also featured in a high-end interior design magazine, Artichoke. You can see how different are the Penny Drop and Johnnie Walker results despite using the same metal finish. For The Penny Drop, designers We Are Huntly, used the metal for kickers and curved counter fronts.

the penny drop

Interior Designer and ‘The Block’ judge, Shaynna Blaze, also used the #906 Brushed Copper for a residential bathroom. This was featured on Shaynna’s Foxtel Lifestyle show, Deadline Design. The purpose was to use the metallic surfaces of the vanity and cupboards to cast light around a bathroom that had minimal natural light. Using a crystal pendant light cluster and the #906 Brushed Copper, the bathroom appeared lighter and brighter thanks to the metal surfaces. (image below courtesy of Vanessa Hall for Lifestyle)

Shaynna Blaze

The #906 Brushed Copper can give the appearance of being very red and coppery right through to a light gold depending on its environment. This beautiful and flexible metal sheet is regularly used in residential, commercial, and hospitality designs.

There’s more information on the 900 Series in Our Metal Finishes and the Gallery here on the website.