That Metal Company has a stylish collection of over 100 metal and laminate designs.

Our suppliers make many of them in-house; deeply brushing, aging, and adding patinas by hand and machine.

That Metal Company designs are unique works of art, many created with a manufacturing consistency to ensure repeatability. We also provide customised options through our partners Metalier.  Their liquid metals are some of the best metal designs the world over. It adds up to what we consider the most expansive collection of bronze, brass, copper, and aluminium  metal designs for interiors and exteriors that you’ll find anywhere.

That Metal Company is owned and operated privately in Australia. When you work with us, you work with the owner Ali and the girls behind the metal, for the metal behind the looks.

Our most popular metal finishes

Because we have  the most extensive range in Australia and New Zealand, you may like to see our metals on display. We have new displays opening at the Home Ideas Centres in Adelaide and Melbourne (2020).  You can also view our gallery for some inspiration.

 However, we’d love to talk with you about your specific needs and individual projects.

View our gallery.

Introducing the biggest range in Australia and New Zealand

And please remember our amazing existing range. Over 100 exciting finishes in 100% metal including polished, brushed, aged, acid-etched, weathered, tinted, digitally printed, and more.

200 Series – Modern

Organic, Modern, and Multi-Dimensional

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600 Series – Archi

Rich, dynamic, and dimensional. Interior + Exterior.

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300 Series – Oxidised

Hand-crafted, visually deep, and oxidised.

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700 Series – Classic

Light-weight, durable, and classic metals.

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900 Series – Anodised

Beautiful, durable, and affordable.

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400 Series – Energy

Directional and non-directional patterning.

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800 Series – Luxury

Exceptional richness, luxurious depth, and durability.

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