413 Linear

Classic designs, the 400 series have an energy and depth found only in metal. Directional and non-directional patterning that bends and plays with light. Most 400 metals have an aluminum base, except #423 Swirled Copper, which has a copper base.

Product Description

That Metal Company metal designs and laminates are recommended for interior use on vertical and light-duty horizontal surfaces (except limited metals which are suitable for exterior use). Metal must be laminated to MDF, HDF, better quality particle board and excellent quality plywood, such as Baltic Birch. DO NOT apply directly to gypsum board (sheet rock), concretes, or poor quality particle board. Clean with a soft cloth using a mild soap and water or non-abrasive glass and metal cleaning liquids.

Standard sheets are 2400mm x 1200mm and 3m x 1200mm.

For full specifications, care, transport, and other information please see our Tech Specs sheets.