Table tops are the latest interior feature to be given some metal magic treatment.

Whether it’s for retail, hospitality, corporate, or residential, we have supplied some beautiful metals for exciting new projects.

Canterbury Leagues Club

With a $100 million renovation budget you know the Canterbury League’s Club is looking at some serious design cred. The spaces revealed so far show an elegant yet vibrant space awash with metallic features. Copper pendant lights, reflective surfaces, warmth and gloss. Even the chocolate carpet has flowing ripples of gold metallic texture.

Now, you may be under the impression that designer metals aren’t suitable for flat, horizontal surfaces such tables. Certainly satin polished finishes are not recommended. However, several ‘That Metal Company’ metal finishes ARE suitable. And they can be further treated to withstand low-level use.

I mean, you wouldn’t want to have a metal chopping board, for example, where interactive use is high. But metal can be used for side tables, coffee tables, wine tables, even boardroom tables where interactive use is relatively low.

For the Canterbury Leagues Club we recommended #609 Gilt Aluminium for the round wine tables and the #610 Khaleesi Aluminium for the inlay on the wooden tables. These, and other 600 Series metals, are perfect finishes for this purpose. They are textured, durable, and easy to clean.

Typically, furniture in a hospitality environment may be required to be shifted regularly for cleaning and other purposes. Not only is sheet metal lightweight, yet sturdy, it’s easy to cut to shape, install, and clean.

That Metal Company has pleasure in thanking Altis Architecture for specifying the #610 Khaleesi Aluminum for the inlaid tables and Mint Contract Furniture for specifying the #690 Gilt Aluminium for the side tables.

Deadline Design with Shaynna Blaze

Interior Designer Shaynna Blaze is the Host of ‘Deadline Design’ on Foxtel’s Lifestyle. Not only did Shaynna use our #906 Brushed Copper for a Moroccan-inspired bathroom, she also used this wonderfully versatile metal for a nest of tables.

Such a simple idea beautifully executed. Shaynna wanted to create a Mad Men inspired cocktail bar that reflected Max’s love of Escher. Expert craftsman Luke from Christopher Blank executed Shaynna’s fun design of a unique nest of tables. Using walnut timber and metal inserts, these functional tables slot together in layers of texture, pattern, and colour.

Purpose designed for the home of Max and Kirby, the almost 3-D effect has been achieved with an over-lapping, split-level design that allows the metal to be the hero. Our metals are easy to work with and don’t need special cutting tools. So this unique nest of tables could be designed with curves and points without minimising the design intent.

All images by Vanessa Hall for Lifestyle.

If you have a design project that requires horizontal surfaces, table tops, and inlaid metal, please ask for our recommendations. We have the biggest range and are the largest suppliers of sheet metals in Australia and New Zealand. See more on our Metal Finishes pages.

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