The Penny Drop is a new café at the base of the ATO building in Melbourne’s Box Hill. The Art Deco aesthetic is contemporary vintage in a cleverly designed space of pale timber, terrazzo and metal.

Curved features abound as the interior designers, Kylie Dorotic and Alicia McKinnnon from We Are Huntly, took design cues from coins. Being the ATO building, The Penny Drop came from the idea that coins may slip through ‘cracks’ in the floor and drop to the floor below. Thus a design direction was born.

Our beautiful #906 Brushed Copper metal can be seen as a trim curved around these delineating walls

That Metal Company provided the beautiful copper that accentuate the curves of the server as well as low curved walls that delineate spaces. The warmth of the #906 Brushed Copper works in harmony with the pale pink and grey décor. It makes a statement without being ‘in your face’.

In fact, there are curved features everywhere; along the servery counter, around walls, circular mirrors, dividing screens, and even the semi-circular layout of the bar area. The #906 Brushed Copper is also reflected in the copper pendant lights, copper dipped mirrors, the copper bases of the bathroom basins, and the stone, peach and copper terrazzo.

Proving that you don’t need large sheets of metal to make an impact, The Penny Drop is a beautiful example of earthy glamour and elegant functionality. All the interior elements have been finely thought-out and intricately planned. The brand identity was a collaboration between We Are Huntly and graphic design studio Pop & Pac. The result is a clever concept brought to life by design, materials, layout… and we’d like to think, our metals.

We are always thrilled to be asked to put forward our ideas. Being specified never loses it’s magic as each new project is a revelation. Architects, designers, and joiners all have a unique perspective on our metal finishes, which is exciting for us.

It’s also exciting to have this project presented in prestigious Australian interiors and design magazine, Artichoke. You’ll find us in Issue 56.