900 Series

All aluminium, this series combines the durability, affordability and beauty of solid anondised aluminium. Wide range of colours and sizes. Phenolic backer option.

800 Series

Exceptional richness, luxurious depth of finish and durability. Chrome-plated brass, solid brass copper and bronze designs.

700 Series

Metal classics on HPL. Aluminium, copper and stainless steel. Light weight, durability and HPL Backer makes install most similar to that of standard laminate.

400 Series

Classic Chemetal designs with an energy and depth found only in metal. Directional and non-directional patterning that bends and plays with light.

300 Series

Hand-crafted visually deep oxidized designs on brass, copper aluminium and steel. Elegant, bold, sublime. One-of-a-kind patterns produced with manufacturing consistency.

200 Series

Organic, modern and industrial dimensional HPL designs. To create, a layer of metal is pressed onto an easy-to-work-with laminate backer. Durable, beautiful and easy to apply.