Grimmel Veneer

Natural beauty

With real wood veneers from Grimmel Veneers, That Metal Company is now exclusively providing beautiful natural wood products to complement our range of metal laminates and liquid metals. Wherever you use real wood veneers – in your residential property, in offices or hotels, in fashion or upholstery – our real wood veneers are truly special.

 All products from Grimmel Veneers are of the highest quality and are made in Germany.

For different fields of applications we provide different real wood veneer products to match the specific requirements: from i:zi|wood, extremely flexible pre-finished real wood veneers with adhesive backings for fast and precise application, to kuvıo|wood, real wood veneers with 3D patterns, and to nuo|wood, an evolution in real wood veneers that behaves like fabric. Imagine where a real wood veneer with these properties can take you!



An evolution in the material world! This real wood veneer is like a wood fabric. The areas where you can apply this veneer are endless. nů:|ŵood can for instance be a novel leather alternative!



i:zi|ŵood is a real wood veneer supported by a backing material made from non-woven cellulose/polyester fibres. The backed veneer sheet is then passed through a flexing process to produce a highly flexible product



kuvıo is FInnish for pattern. The woven pattern makes this a striking veneer. There are three standard patterns in 4 different wood species each. If you are after something special - we can weave your very own pattern in a wood fo your choice!

We know Veneer

With our knowledge about the right choice and application of our real wood veneers will make your project a success.

That Metal Company - Grimmel Veneer - i:zi|wood Wall
That Metal Company - Grimmel Veneer - i:zi|wood

REal wood veneer

Each tree is different and has its individual features such as special figures, small pin knots or interesting color variations. These growth features contribute greatly to the character of our veneeres.

Wood textile

nuo|wood is a real wood veneer that can behave like a textile. Be prepared to be amazed! This veneer can be used, for instance, as a leather alternative. And it is vegan!

That Metal Company - Grimmel Veneer Flip Box - nů:|ŵood Chair