Launching Liquid Metals Australia

Liquid Metals Australia is an existing new range offered by That Metal Company to compliment our already extensive metal interior finishes we currently supply to architects, designers and fabricators throughout Australia.

Partnering with Metalier Coatings New Zealand, Metalier Liquid Metals are a decorative metal coating for interior and exterior applications.  Metalier is a cold-spray composite decorative metal coating that allows you to make any substrate look as though it is solid metal.

The Metalier System is more environmentally friendly than many water-based paints because of the lower level of VOCs. Only very small quantities of metal are needed to achieve a very durable protective coating with all the appearance and many of the performance benefits of solid metal.

When properly applied Metalier Coatings will not delaminate, crack, chip or peel and have an expected life, if properly cared for, of at least 20 years in exterior applications without break down under UV light.

That Metal Company is looking for specialist applicators throughout Australia who can apply and finish Metalier Coatings. Our plan is to limit the number of applicators so this is an opportunity that won’t last.  Becoming an applicator will appeal to companies in the building and product industries, automotive, furniture and door makers, sign-writers and designers who want to broaden their offerings. If you are a high-end coatings specialist looking to increase the offerings you can give to your customers then contact us for more information. 

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