Description:  Retail
Location:  Myers, Melbourne
Client:  New Stand Shopfitters

When George from New Stand Shopfitters contacted us regarding using our 900 Series in a perfume display, we said ‘absolutely our metals can do that!’  What began as podium highlights grew into a remarkable display of craftsmanship, quality and not being afraid to work outside the box.  

Our 900 Series being all aluminium can be cut and applied as a standard laminate ie overhead router and/or table saw and applied to a substrate with a clear contact adhesive – it’s that easy.  However that’s not all – they can also be curved, bent 90 degrees, digitally printed and also laser cut!  The team at New Stand Shopfitters did it all in these beautiful displays.  Visit @newstandshopfitters for all the details of where to find their gorgeous work.

Classic Metals are our most popular designs – with good reason – we have the largest collection of these solid metals that you’ll find. Over 50 design choices. Aluminium. Stainless. Brass. Bronze. Copper. And with different finishes, like Brushed, Polished (mirror-like), Satin, Smoked, and Long Grain Brushed.

These materials are design work horses, ideal for inlays, cut-to-size, strips, and anywhere you want the modern, luxurious and energetic look of real metal. They’re available as HPL with a laminate backer or as solid anodised aluminium, ideal for bending and clean edges. Classic Metals are available in 3 Series, each with advantages specific to your use and budget. See our 900 Series, 800 Series and 700 Series.