Description:  Hospitality/Cafe
Location:  Bowral, New South Wales
Client:  RAW & WILD Market & Cafe

Our metals have been featured in various projects worldwide ranging from multi-res, hotels, casinos, bars, restaurants, retail…..which we get such a thrill when seeing them come to fruision.  So much so that we are often found taking excited snapshots when out and about with friends and family or heard cooing “OMG that’s our metals” or “our metals are in there!”.

However, when we were approached by Luci from LuciD Interiors to meet with her and client Roland from Raw & Wild – well what a thrill! A local cafe right here in the Southern Highlands! We have often over the years sourced from their amazing fresh and organic grocery store, seeked advice from their lovely health and vitamin experts or caught up with friends over coffee, breakfast and lunch.  

The task to perform the works on this gorgeous refurb of a local favourite eatery and grocery store was Jac and his team from Highlander Homes.  This was the first time we have had the pleasure of working with Jac and we enjoyed discussing and nutting out how our metals would best suit the application given the scope of works and tight timeframe.  The boys from Highlander Homes were thorough and dedicated to providing quality work within the clients’ specifications for minimal impact on trading and their clientele.

The #614 Beowulf was chosen to clad the front counters and top. The seamless and unique finishes of our 600 Series allowed for joins and bends virtually invisible to the naked eye.  A perfect finish to showcase the healthy and delicious treats.  So come and visit and …..”Eat, drink and look gorgeous at RAW & WILD Market & Cafe” – our metals certainly do! 

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