That Metal Company - Inspiration - Spring Square #906
Description:  Spring Square Display Suite
Location:  Bankstown, NSW
Client:  Poly Australia
Architect:  Scott Carver
Builder: Pellam Construction
Joiner:  Sydney Joiners

The exciting new precinct in Bankstown being created by Poly Australia’s Spring Square is giving new life to Bankstown and our #906 Brushed Copper gave glamour and sparkle to their launch.

Established on the site of the old Bankstown RSL the Spring Square display suite featured our #906 Brushed Copper throughout.  The copper brought an element of luxury, warmth and softness to highlight the features and benefits on display for each apartment option.

The thing that makes our 900 Series so popular is its versatility.  Our clients are able to achieve the look of brass, copper and bronze at the price point of aluminium.  And as you can see from this Spring Square project this is achieved with no risk of losing a sense of luxury and glamour.

Our 900 Series, like all the metals in our range, can be cut and applied as a standard laminate; overhead router, table saw, laser cut and applied to a substrate with a clear contact adhesive.  What’s more they can be easily bent 90 degrees for a clean wrap if required.

Our 906 Brushed Copper featured here is also Class 1 Fire Rated, IMO Certified and qualifies for mindful MATERIALS, Red List Free and is Living Building Challenge Compliant. 

Spring Square Display Suite