The 901 911 Airstream refers to the amazing metal we recommended for an exciting new restaurant project in Melbourne.

Ash from Twig&Co contacted That Metal Company to inquire about a product suitable for cladding an Airstream Caravan for a new Melbourne cafe. We had no hesitation in recommending the #901 Polished Aluminium as the perfect product for the job.  Easy to work with, seamless finish, a polish as crisp as a mirror, and well within budget.

The Grand Trailer Park Taverna in Melbourne was an ambitious project to create a unique eatery. One of the features of the restaurant was an Airstream Caravan ‘hollowed’ out interior eating area.

The first Airstream Caravan for the project was clad in #901 Polished Aluminium.  It was such a design success that it was decided to clad a second Airstream in the #911 Polished Smoked Aluminium.

The Airstreams can be found at The Grand Trailer Park Taverna in Melbourne as featured in Venue Magazine.

Grand Trailer Park Taverna

Image courtesy of Olivia and Thyme.