Extreme Flexibility

Easy Application

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Beautiful high quality real wood veneer

i:zi|wood is an extremely flexible real wood veneer which is much easier to use than other veneers. The real wood veneer sheet is bonded with a thin reinforced fleece backing (+/- 0.6 mm thick). During the manufacture of i:zi|wood the wood fibers are “pre-fractured”. The result of that process are outstanding properties in regards to flexibility and ease of application. i:zi|wood can be cut with scissors or a craft knife and bonded to any dry substrate.

The wood surface is available in two options:
• pre-sanded and ready to be lacquered/oiled or 
• ready coated with a fast-drying multi-layer lacquer. No further surface treatment is required. The deep mat varnish (gloss level 4-6) is protected by foil when delivered.

i:zi|wood is also available with a self-adhesive film on the back for fast and easy installation.

Our standard selection of i:zi|ŵood finishes includes the above 14 different species of wood. We can produce i:zi|ŵood from other wood species upon request.

The pictures shown above are only examples. Colours and grains per sheet of veneer may vary. Smaller knots and nubs are not mistakes, but a sign of the authentic real wood surface.