Applied by Trained Professionals

Metalier for Specifiers

The Metalier Coating System was created in New Zealand in 2005 and since then has expanded throughout 6 countries and continents… and now to Australia! That Metal Company is exited to be adding these Liquid Metals to our growing range of unique and sustainable finishes offered to our design partners.

Unique and bespoke

Application and finishing is all done by hand so each piece is individually crafted and no two craftspeople will produce an identical finish. This is one of the beauties of the coatings. They are a high-end luxury finish for people who prize individuality and exclusivity.

Our liquid metals are made of genuine metal powders mixed with a binder. When finished they are up to 95% pure metal. The coatings behave like sheet and other forms of solid metal. They are organic so they rust and age like the solid counterparts. This can be prevented by applying a gloss or satin clear coat.

Finished smooth coats are less than 0.5mm thick. Textures can be up to 3-4mm thick.

Our growing network of Preferred Applicators are all Australian businesses who can manufacture and apply our Metalier Liquid Metals in-house or who can work in with your existing builder, joiner, cabinetmaker where the project can be delivered for coating.    

No project too large or too small!