Our samples are provided free of charge and shipped via Australia Post. Please complete the below form.  Alternatively you can email We will need the following details in order to fulfil your request.

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Real Metal Laminates
Our Real Metal Laminates are available in:
a) chip size 4.5cm x 6cm,
b) postcard 10cm x 15cm, or
c) full keychain.
Postcard size and keychains are only available to Specifiers and Fabricators.

* Only 1 option can be selected for the sample order

Sample Maximums
We limit the number of samples you can order to 20 total and 3 per finish for chip size.

Postcards are limited to Specifiers and Fabricators only, with a limit of 3 in total and 1 per finish.

Liquid Metals
Our Liquid Metals are bespoke creations and samples are therefore made for the job by the selected applicator. We do however offer our Designer Box of standard sample finishes to Applicators or Specifiers only. This box aims to illustrate the finish variations, colours and a selection of textures that are possible with our liquid metals. These boxes are only available to our preferred applicators and specifiers. Contact us for a preferred applicator in your area. 

Provide your details and leave the rest to us!  

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