Metalier for Applicators

Learn To Apply

Liquid Metal is not a well-known technology in many markets in Australia. Like any new technology it is learnable with patience and practice. Metalier was founded by applicators and after 15 years of hands-on experience and global expertise, we are uniquely qualified to give you the support you need.

Metalier Coatings products are sold to trained professionals with the necessary tools, equipment, and experience to apply liquid metal coatings safely and effectively.  For qualified applicators, we provide technical information, instructions and Safety Data Sheets at no charge.

Qualified applicators

Metalier Coatings offer a unique opportunity to add value and differentiation to a wide range of products and substrates. A thin layer of liquid metal can turn a common substrate into an uncommon work of art and increase the value to your clients. We work closely with manufactures of furniture, fixtures, artistic pieces etc to make liquid metal a profitable part of their business. Whether it’s volume production or a one-off custom piece we can help.

Contact us to learn how to become an applicator. There are openings for suitable parties throughout Australia

Expert Applicator Opportunity

That Metal Company are currently seeking professionals to train and become certified Master Applicators for our exciting new Metalier Liquid Metal range. This will appeal to those in the building and product industries, furniture and door makers, sign- writers and designers who want to broaden their offerings. This will be available Australia wide and applicators will have exclusivity in their area. Contact us for more information on this limited offer.