Woven Wood

3-dimensional veneer

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A new dimension in design

kuvıo|ŵood is real wood veneer with fascinating 3D woven patterns. Pre-sanded strips of veneer are woven and backed with a special fleece material to make it highly versatile and easy to work with. Surfaces can be finished with varnish or oil.

kuvıo|ŵood veneers are highly durable but still flexible which makes them ideal for forming and shaping and for work done on challenging surfaces. kuvıo|ŵood sheets can be processed with ease – just like normal spliced veneers. It can be pressed without difficulty onto panels using any conventional veneer press. The thickness of kuvıo|ŵood varies between 1 to 1.2mm, depending on the patterns.

Additional to our three standard patterns we can create your very own bespoke designs. Many patterns from the weaving industry can be turned into kuvıo|ŵood veneer. The only requirement is a minimum width of 2 cm for the individual strips.

Our standard selection of kuvıo|ŵood finishes includes the above 3 patterns in four different species of wood. We can produce kuvıo|ŵood from other wood species and with bespoke patters upon request.

The pictures shown above are only examples. Colours and grains per sheet of veneer may vary. Smaller knots and nubs are not mistakes, but a sign of the authentic real wood surface.