Liquid Brass

light and cost-effective results

Unique specifications help to slow the oxidisation, keeping our brass metal as fresh as it can be.

Our brass options include a beautiful rich Gold Brass and a moody deep Green Brass.  Either of our brass metals can be combined with aluminium or copper, for example, to create bespoke tones of Rose Gold, Champagne and Rich Gold finishes.

Click on the swatches below to view a selection of liquid brass creations which offer some inspiration and showcase what has been achieved with our liquid metals.

Gold Brass
Green Brass
Classic Gold
Rose Gold

It is important to remember applications and finishing are all done by hand so each piece is individually crafted and no two craftspeople will produce an identical finish.  This is one of the beauties of the coatings.

The look and feel of solid brass can be achieved on cost-effective substrates such as MDF.  If you need strength, then a brass metal finish on steel may be a suitable substate alternative. Both are viable options with our Metalier Liquid Coatings.

Contact us with your ideas or what inspires and we can work with you to achieve it!