Liquid Bronze

light and cost-effective results

Our bronze liquid metal is very versatile and one of the strongest of the metals.

This makes it a favourite amongst designers and architects. Bronze comes in four different hues and many different finishes. Currently our bronze shades are Regular Bronze, Smoky Bronze, Chocolate Bronze, and Gunmetal Bronze.

A variety of different textures and effects can be created with the bronze liquid metal. This versatile liquid metal can be polished and buffed to give a high shine or waxed, oil-rubbed or even left “raw” to give a cold rolled steel finish.

Choc Bronze
Smoky Bronze
Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Our selection of liquid bronze finishes offer some inspiration and showcase what has been achieved with our liquid metals.

However it is important to remember applications and finishing are all done by hand so each piece is individually crafted and no two craftspeople will produce an identical finish. This is one of the beauties of the coatings.

Contact us with your ideas or what inspires and we can work with you to achieve it!