Liquid Iron, Nickel & gunmetal

light and cost-effective results

Our iron, nickel and gunmetal liquid metal offers many alternatives and different finishes for designers.

Iron liquid metal used as a fresh metal, is a luminous silver grey. By using iron as a base and adding black wax and copper, an organic rolled steel effect can be created. Alternatively, a benign non-corrosive rust can be achieved to produce a rustic finish. The beauty of Metalier rust which is created with our various patinas is that, while it is real rust, it only affects the coating and does not destroy the substrate. Metalier’s rust can be halted in process, neutralised and then sealed with our Nano Metal Clear Coat. This is essential in areas where the surface could be touched. As Metalier rust is real rust it is powdery and will get on clothes and skin. Our Nano Metal Clear Coat protects the rust and skin and clothes.

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Our selection of liquid iron finishes offer some inspiration and showcase what has been achieved with our liquid metals.

However it is importation to remember applications and finishing are all done by hand so each piece is individually crafted and no two craftspeople will produce an identical finish. This is one of the beauties of the coatings.

Contact us with your ideas or what inspires and we can work with you to achieve it!