That Metal Company - Inspiration - CESProjects - Malt Shovel Taphouse
Description:  Hospitality
Location:  Bendigo NSW and Geelong VIC
Joiner:  CES Projects
Metal Finish:  #337 Aged Brass & #944 Glowing Bronze Aluminium

Those passionate about their beer believe that craft beer has a richer more distinct flavour than mass produced beer.  Formulating the perfect blend by traditional means has become a popular art and visiting these amazing locations a popular pastime for many of us.

An ‘emporium of beer discovery’ is The Malt Shovel Taphouses and lucky for us our #337 Aged Brass and #944 Glowing Bronze Aluminium are soaking up the atmosphere at both venues.

Whether our metals are real brass or aluminium both are simple to work and apply with basic woodworking tools and laminating processes.

Simply cut our metals with an overhead router, table saw, CNC and/or laser and apply to your substrate (preferably MDF, ply or similar) with clear-contact adhesive.

Beautiful additions to any project as kickers, bulkheads and decorative joinery details the warmth or our brass and brass-look aluminium compliments any venue atmosphere. 

Malt Shovel Taphouse