That Metal Company - Metal Laminates - Post Michael Kors 1
designer: studio XAG
METAL FINISHES: #902 Brushed Al & #931 Brushed Golden Al

With layered arcs of bespoke-made gold and silver metallic plates” is how Studio XAG describes their design of this Chemetal Brushed Golden Aluminium (#931) and Brushed Aluminium (#902) Michael Kors window display.

“The light from the spotlights reflects and bounces from gold metallic panels that line the floors, creating a bright and dazzling scene, to highlight product from the runway collection”. This window display was installed in stores across London, Paris, and Milan.

Besides reflective floor panels, designers cut Chemetal into rectangles that overlap to form a shimmering scale effect backdrop. Metal is a great choice for retail displays because it elevates any brand, and metal designs from Chemetal are lightweight, cost effective, and easy to fabricate. We love seeing what our metals are doing around the world and even happier to supply such a beautiful product such as Chemetal.

Michael Kors