Textile Wood

An Evolution in Veneer

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Be prepared to be amazed!

nů:|ŵood is a real wood veneer! 

The amazing properties of this veneer opens up completely new areas of application. Imagine what you can do with wood that is flexible as a textile, smooth as fabric and soft as leather. 

When you hold nů:|ŵood in your hand, you will be surprised by beauty of the material and it’s pleasant feel. nů:|ŵood looks very luxurious, is surprisingly light and can be bent in all directions. 

nů:|ŵood is made of high-quality veneer that comes exclusively from sustainable forestry. The thin real wood veneer is first bonded with an texil backing and then the surface is lasered. The fine texture gives the wood surface its flexibility. The backing material provides strength and ensures that nů:|ŵood is easy to process.

The pictures shown above are only examples. Colours and grains per sheet of veneer may vary. Smaller knots and nubs are not mistakes, but a sign of the authentic real wood surface.