That Metal Company - Inspiration - Uptown Gastropub #614
Description:  Hospitality
Location:  Maroochydore, QLD
Joiner:  Fitsin Commercial Fitouts
Metal Finish:  #614 Beowulf Aluminium

The Australian pub or “local” is one of our oldest icons and today fortunately these hubs for family and social gatherings are being restored and rejuvenated.

Uptown Gastropub in Maroochydore Qld is known for its quality craft brews and wines in a stylish pub setting.  #614 Beowulf Aluminium column is featured in this unique design bringing together the combination of old-world, contemporary and retro, with an industrial look and feel.

Fitsin Commerical Fitouts know exactly how to work our metals.  Rivets are added to the metal columns to highlight the industrial edge this design beautifully achieved – so versatile are our metals they can bend 90 degrees and have elements added for increased design effect.

#614 Beowulf Aluminium finish was 1 of 36 new designs released this year to our already significant metal range as part of Chemetal’s new Glowing Metals collection.  This year’s launch showcases the company’s commitment to beautiful and innovative metal designs. From warmer, richer metals to textured patterns and patinas, these new designs are Chemetal’s largest new product introduction ever and available to Australia and New Zealand exclusively through That Metal Company.

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Uptown Gastropub