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Description: Mixed Use Commercial & Apartments
Location: Braddon, ACT
Architect: Judd Studio
Client: OFM Direct
Metal Finishes: #917 Brushed Black & #904 Brushed Light Brass Al

If meeting with the team at Judd Studio and being invited into the initial planning stages for the interiors for Nibu Apartments wasn’t exciting enough imagine how we felt to see the final result!

Nibu Apartments have been described as “An architectural masterpiece, Nibu is unlike anything ever offered in Canberra; an aesthetically breathtaking building that will undeniably offer a level of unsurpassed luxury. An exclusive, New York-inspired boutique development” “Nibu will deliver the quality of finishes intrinsic to only the most elite and luxurious apartments in Canberra.”

The combination of black and brass continues to work well for kitchens.  #908 Satin Black and #904 Brushed Light Brass metal interior finishes at Nibu illustrate how sleek and sophisticated kitchen cabinetry can be.

The 900 Series is our most versatile series.  Anodised aluminium being used as cabinetry, bench fronts, splash backs, kickers and signage.

Another great project completed with OFM Direct.

Nibu Apartments