That Metal Company - Inspiration - Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas #904
Description:  Hospitality
Location:  Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas
Joiner: Complete Joinery Solutions
Designer:  Mim Design
Metal Finish:  #904 Brushed Light Brass

The Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas has used distinctive metal in a creative way. We are delighted to showcase this as it may provide you with your own design inspiration.

When you think of That Metal Company, do you think only of our sheet metals and their full-size application? It’s true, our metals have been specified for myriad architectural and interior design projects including the Johnnie Walker Boutique in Auckland (NZ), the ceilings of the historic Paramount Building designed by Woods Bagot Architects, the foyer of Turner Studio, and the counter fronts of The Hampton’s Bakery.

Using full-size or large areas of sheet metal does look spectacular particularly given we offer over 100 finishes. However, our metals are also successfully used for kickers and trims, as seen at The Penny Drop for example. Our luscious #906 Brushed Copper was used to accentuate the pale colours and curves of this Melbourne café.

When our metals are specified, we don’t necessarily see the result (although we always appreciate images being forwarded). So when I was at the Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas recently I was delighted to see a #910 Satin Gold used throughout to accentuate the curves of white columns, and the grey/beige of railings and square pillars.

The #910 Satin Gold is semi-matte, not highly polished, so it accents matte and polished surfaces beautifully. At the Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas you can see how perfectly the metal wraps around curved surfaces. It doesn’t pucker, it sits flat as if a natural component of the feature. Juxtaposed are squared-off features that are also perfectly suited to the overall design.

These accent features in the Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas add a touch of luxury and texture to any interior design concept. Our 100% metal sheets are easy to handle and bend to 90 degrees so work efficiently with curved surfaces.

Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas