That Metal Company - Inspiration - Kitchen Splashback #620
Description:  Residential & Hospitality
Location:  everywhere!

The origin of the humble splashback was as a protective surface in kitchens installed behind stoves, grills, hotplates, and sinks designed to protect walls from grease, splatters and water.

The splashback (or backsplash as it is sometimes called) was fairly basic and task-oriented. The material used was serviceable and ‘did the job’ but it was usually far from stylish and generally not integral to the kitchen design. Thankfully our design aesthetic has come a long way. Kitchens are now the hub of the home (It’s almost the only space where families and friends can commune without smartphones ruling) and a feature of many modern cafes and clubs.

Since people started knocking out walls and exposing kitchens to an open-plan layout, the look and feel of homes and cafes has changed dramatically. And so has the once humble splashback. Splashbacks are now an important feature of any kitchen and, as we know, kitchens and bathrooms sell houses and are a WOW factor in cafes and restaurants.

Kitchen design includes consideration of colour and textures in the walls, joinery, cabinetry, flooring, and splashbacks. In some instances, the counter top material can be continued up the wall and become the splashback. However, the most common option is to have a feature splashback that co-ordinates with the cupboards and counter tops.

Our 100% sheet metal in aged, antiqued and classic brass, bronze, patina, brushed and oxidised coppers and blackened aluminium’s can be installed behind stoves and hot plates, they do not require any special metal working tools and do not require grout. They are Class 1 Fire Rated, low maintenance and extremely price competitive against other high-quality options.