That Metal Company - Inspiration - Penny Drop #906
Description:  Hospitality
Location:  Melbourne
Client:  The Penny Drop
Designer:  We Are Huntly

Kickers and trims may have different meanings depending on where you live and what role you play in building and design industries. For many people, it’s a type of brace for a wall or part of the riser portion on stairs.

For us, kickers and trims are a wonderful opportunity to incorporate metal into interior designs. Of course, we love to see our 100% metal sheets on a feature wall, counter front, or low-activity horizontal surface.

However, using certain acid-etched, brushed, polished, or weathered metals on a kicker or trim can be the perfect final addition to a project. For example, The Penny Drop, a café in Melbourne designed by We Are Huntly, has a link to the Treasury housed above the cafe. The design aesthetic was built around pennies dropping from above. Pennies are copper. With lots of curves and circles depicting pennies used in the interior design, We Are Huntly specified our #906 Brushed Copper for the kickers and trims.

Not only did the brushed copper beautifully accentuate the curves grounding the design, but it repeated the association between copper pennies and The Penny Drop.

In another enlightened design, The Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas used our #904 Brushed Light Brass to accentuate columns and liven up balustrades in their public spaces. The Brushed Light Brass also reflects light around the area that can make a space appear larger. And it certainly adds glamour to the muted tones used in the design.

Using metal in kickers and trims provides a subtle opportunity to reflect light particularly using our polished and brushed metals. Sometimes this effect is all that is required. In a hospitality, retail, or professional setting the glimmer of metal surfaces can accentuate the major design features, such as curves. Even a trim of beautiful polished metal around doorways and lift openings will add a subtle aesthetic elevation.

However, if you’re looking for some WOW factor in a casino, club, restaurant, hotel foyer, airport, or bar then our 100% metal sheets will be perfect.

The Penny Drop